City of Council Grove Boards & Committees

Public Works Utilities Committee - Mark Brooks, Mark Berner

Public Works Road & Parks Committee - Jeff Blosser, Keith Wessel

Police & Fire Committee - Jesse Knight, Sharon Haun

Parks & Recreation Committee - Jeff Blosser, Mark Brooks (alternate Jesse Knight)

Office Committee - Jesse Knight, Keith Wessel

Council President - Mark Brooks

Greater Morris County Development Corporation - Jesse Knight

Chamber Representative - Keith Wessel

Flint Hills Regional Planning Organization - Sharon Haun (alternate - Debi Schwerdtfeger)

Sales Tax Grant Board - Keith Wessel, Mark Berner

Economic Development Board - Jesse Knight, Debi Schwerdtfeger (alternate - Jeff Blosser)

Lake Committee - Sharon Haun, Keith Wessel, Mark Berner

Historical Sites Committee - Mark Brooks, Sharon Haun

Riverwalk Committee - Jeff Blosser, Sharon Haun, Mark Brooks

4th of July Committee - Jesse Knight, Mark Brooks, Jeff Blosser

Blighted Structures Committee - Mark Berner, Jeff Blosser

City Lake Advisory Committee - Sharon Haun, Keith Wessel, Mark Berner

Comprehensive Plan Committee - Mark Brooks, Jesse Knight, Keith Wessel

Santa Fe Trail Bi Centennial Task Force - Mark Brooks, Sharon Haun

City Lake Water & Sewer Committee - Jeff Blosser, Keith Wessel, Mark Berner




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