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Mill N Overlay on East Main Street from 4th Street to the East City Limits.

Start date of April 15th, 2024

Completion date of May 1st, 2024

Start at 4th Street, heading East on Hwy 56 to City Limits, and then turn around and head West back to 4th Street.


It should take about a week to complete Mill N Overlay, depending on the weather. 


Striping will take place once the Mill N Overlay is complete. 


There will be traffic control, so please obey.


Join us at the Neosho Riverwalk Amphitheater for concerts, festivals, and other events for a truly great Flint Hills experience.

This unique space is also available for rental!


Whether you’re planning a music festival, private event, wedding, or family reunion, the Neosho Riverwalk Amphitheater can accommodate you.

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